Where are Mixie Baby products made?

  • All Mixie Baby products are made and assembled in the USA with food grade FDA approved material. Our products are free of BPA, BPA, Phthalates and PVC. 

Are Mixie Baby bottles re-usable?

  • Yes. Our bottles are top-rack, dishwasher safe and designed for multiple use.

What happens to the formula lid while feeding?

  • Once released, the formula lid acts as a free-floating blender. Mixie Baby's  uniquely designed bottle  prevents the lid from laying flat and blocking the flow of formula.

Do you have to refrigerate the bottles once they are prepped?

  • No. Since the formula and water are separate, there is no need to refrigerate. Once you have mixed the formula, please follow your formula manufacturer's instructions on refrigeration.

Can I use a bottle warmer with Mixie Baby?

  • Yes. The wrap around bottle warmers work perfectly if you want slightly warmer than room temperature water.